The Aim

To provide a positive impact on the wellbeing of the wider community through the provision of creative, educational, fitness and wellness classes.

We are aiming to give free creative and educational workshops to those referred to us through joint partner agencies.

We offer a warm safe space for our community to engage with others and reduce isolation.

For community groups and joint partner agencies where we can we will provide a wellness café to support their clients and members.

We have quality instructors of yoga, meditation, fitness, Tai-chi, Reiki who will provide community paid classes.

We hope to get planning permission for a 'Manshed' which will act as a wonderful place for like-minded people to get together and pass on skills to young and old, but will act as a repair shop to the community of Yarm, thus sustaining the project for the future.

On top of the bi-weekly pensioner's lunch we will hold a regular Tea Dance and a Veterans Breakfast.

Friends On A Walk

The story so far

An amazing group of volunteers led by two members of a local nutritional education charity have provided over 10,000 hampers from the site since the beginning of the 2020 Pandemic.

The hall was the old Yarm Infant school and is owned by Stockton Borough Council. The day to day running of the hall is by a charity called the ‘Yarm, Youth & Community Association’.

Our wonderful volunteers have fallen in love with the hall and wish to bring it back into the hearts and minds of our region. Firstly, they have taken on the YYCC charity and formed a new committee, it is the committees' vision to renovate it with local business support and run it as a community Wellness Centre.

The plan

We intend on giving free creative and educational workshops to those socially prescribed by the doctors, referred by joint charities and the Wellbeing officers within the emergency services and local frontline services, those that have lost jobs, those that have lost family members and those that are in isolation and in desperate need of re-engaging within the community. We are the community supporting the community.  We have a wealth of creative and wellness experts who wish to donate their time for workshops, but we will need some of the materials funding or sponsored, ie paints, canvases, brushes, workbooks. We have a Man Shed on order plus tools which will form part of a repair shop to support the community with little jobs and make garden furniture which will be sold in the pop-up-shop to fund itself. We will organise a Veteran’s breakfast morning and a Saturday afternoon tea dance on top of the bi-weekly Tuesday lunch club for pensioners.

 We will create a revenue through providing pay as you go community wellness classes to include, every kind of Yoga, Meditation, ballroom dancing, keep fit, baby massage, mum & toddler keep-fit. In the evening we will have education classes and counselling support. We will have a community café which will be run by a local baker and where we can, we will use food surplus that is supplied by local supermarkets. We will provide a nice safe space including board games, books and papers for people to re-engage with others post covid, be part of a workshop and create groups with others. Two local residents had started a free community café from the Pop-up Shop in Yarm before the pandemic, the local milkman provided the milk and Tesco and Bettys gave us cake. We had guest speakers from the library regarding guidance on technology for tablets and phones and banks regarding scams to watch out for. Yarm & Eaglescliffe maybe be quite an affluent area but there is a big isolation problem here and the cafe was well received. 

Yoga Friends

Do you have a trade that could help us with our build?

We need plumbers, electricians, builders, joiners, plasterers, painters and gardeners.

If you do please get in touch with us here and become a part of it!

How can YOU Help?

Planting a Plant

Outside space

There is an area next to the hall underneath three railway arches of the Yarm Viaduct that is overgrown and is owned by network rail.  We would love to develop this land and provide a sensory garden, some raised beds and a  container that opens up into an outside gym.  This would serve the middle-aged group of men and woman through the day with free gym sessions alongside a dedicated PTI we have onboard.  On an evening this could be rented out to a PTI for one to one sessions to the community.  We are actively involved through the council to see if Network Rail can lease the land as soon as possible.  


The road ahead


The site is currently being used as a food distribution centre, the site

needs to be empty of food items by the end of April for the Tees

Valley Mayor Votes on May 6th 2021.  Subject to the site being fit

for purpose we hope to start internal renovation and decoration to commence in May and with national and local businesses supporting us through grants, fundraising and volunteer help we would like to achieve an opening in September 2021. 

To help us achieve this timeline we will also be looking for community funding and volunteers support especially local trades to help maintain the timeline.

Internally the hall requires complete redecoration and we have a wish list. We are thrilled to have been donated a made to measure kitchen through  PWS and Wilson Drummond. The next on our priority list is the men’s toilets, they need a complete renovation and I will be getting quotes in for this.

The second priority is a new separation soundproofed bi-folding door which will maximise the halls potential and will ensure we can have classes and a communitycafé and or workshop going on at the same time.

We need plasterboard, plaster, timber, toilets, sinks, taps, paint, adhesive Flooring for the kitchen and men’s bathroom, plasterers, electricians, plumbers and joiners.

Our current supporters moving forward are:

Barclays, Sainsbury's, McDonald's, Darlington Building Society, Tesco, Preston Farm Developments & Tetley

Scraping of Wallpaper

Where do you fit in?

This hall is by the community for the community and we have a lot to do.

Bringing this hall back into the hearts and minds of those that need it, to help assist the well-being and the wellness of all those affected through this horrible time that has torn us all apart.  If we plan now, action as soon as we can and provide a wonderful, warm, safe place we can as a community hold out a helping hand and bring people back up on to their feet both physically and mentally re-engaging with others and having a positive impact on us all.

Can you help?

Could you provide support to the big internal build either financially for materials needed or with volunteer hours?

Could you assist in the running of creative workshops or help out in the community café or maybe even to sponsor workshops so we can provide good quality facilitators and have the tools and resources needed for the sessions?